Homes4Boise by Susan Meloy
Susan Meloy


North End
Tree-lined Harrison Boulevard’s historic mansions set the tone for this old neighborhood. Including the downtown area, this northern district is referred to by locals as the North End. Young couples looking for charm are fixing up homes in this area, creating a renewed interest in one of Boise’s first neighborhoods. In the middle of the North End sits Hyde Park , with its boutiques and popular eateries like Lucky 13 . For more than 20 years, the Hyde Park Street Fair has set the tone for this funky neighborhood. Spilling into Camel’s Back Park , one of Boise’s more popular open spaces, the fair attracts visitors from all over the Treasure Valley.

East End
Like the North End, the area northeast of downtown Boise also boasts a historic street, Warm Springs Avenue . Its posh Victorian homes make it a popular tourist attraction. Many of the houses are geothermally heated, using hot water sources for heat. Stretching high into the foothills, the East End also includes many modern homes with enviable views of the city. In addition, the district hosts some of Boise’s most impressive parks. Julia Davis Park hugs the neighborhood’s southern boundary while Warm Springs Golf Club stretches along its eastern edge. The nearby educational Morrison-Knudsen Nature Center is one of Boise’s main attractions.

Boise Bench
Not that long ago, the Boise Bench was a mixture of 1950s brick bungalows and grand homes overlooking downtown Boise and its string of parks. Today, the Bench’s character has changed because of Hewlett-Packard (HP), one of Boise’s largest private employers, and the Boise Towne Square Mall. Divided by Highway 184, the Bench includes the West Bench, dominated by HP and the Boise Towne Square Mall , and the Central Bench, home to quiet bungalows. Boise’s largest parks, Ann Morrison Park and Kathryn Albertson Park , are found in the Central Bench. The Boise Train Depot , with its priceless views of downtown Boise and surrounding mountains, and the Stage Coach Theatre , home to entertaining community theater, also call this district home.

Merging farmland with modern subdivisions, this district is a good example of the changes Boise is undergoing. From its eastern boundary near Eagle, the district touches the Boise River to the south and stretches north to include some of Boise’s most exclusive subdivisions and the Quail Hollow Golf Course. Although new homes punctuate the landscape, there is still plenty of room for horse pastures and older farm homes in this neighborhood, dating back to the late 1800s. One of the main roads, Collister, is named for Dr. George Collister, a Boise pioneer. Pierce Park Road takes its name from Walter Pierce, whose park building efforts have been transformed into the Plantation Golf Course.

One word says it all for this southeastern district: Micron. Micron Technology’s complex dominates the far eastern corner of this Boise neighborhood. Growing along with Micron, the area has sprouted subdivisions, housing Micron employees, and attractive green spaces. Even though the new threatens to overshadow the old here, southeastern Boise is also home to Barber Park , the official beginning for the longtime summer tradition of rafting the Boise River. Boise State University and the picturesque ParkCenter Boulevard are also found in southeastern Boise. ParkCenter hosts many corporate offices, hotels, posh eateries and exclusive Boise River neighborhoods.